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 About Us 

In November of 2003, a small group of people with an interest in all things cichlid arranged a meeting together for an afternoon of fish chat. This gathering was most enjoyable to all who attended and before leaving, another meeting for the next month was planned. As additional people joined this band of merriment, the Hill Country Cichlid Club was formed. Early on it was decided that the HCCC would not conform to any "organized club" mold. The main core of original members, whom had done the majority of organizational planning and implementing events and activities, formed the HCCC Leadership group. This group consists of seven members who, for the most part, share similar visions for the club. No matter what circumstances transpire that may threaten the existence of the HCCC, this group will stick together thus ensuring a future for the club where so many others have failed.

The Hill Country Cichlid Club is powered by committees. All committees report directly to the Leadership Group. As our membership grows, the HCCC will become a much more complex organization. The need for members to assist in activities and become committee members will always exist. The best way to see the HCCC take a direction you would like is to become actively involved. There will always be room for help and ideas.

The major driving force powering the HCCC is the enjoyment of the hobby and being able to share experiences with others. We are a family oriented organization with spouses and children being welcomed at club functions. The Leadership Group will do all it can to ensure that all members have a positive experience within the club.

In our short existence we have much to be proud of. Although initially our coverage area was to be south central Texas (especially the I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio), our growing membership now stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian interior. Our publication entitled "The Lateral Line" is a beautiful work containing mostly original content from the membership. Our website is becoming more dynamic and interactive by the day. The HCCC logo is proudly displayed on quality gear that is available to members. Our Breeder Award Program recognizes and rewards member accomplishments in propagating the family cichlidae. Club meetings bring local members together monthly for an afternoon or evening of entertainment. Biannual auctions and shows, ongoing photo contests, guest speaker engagements and presentations, field trips and more are all in the planning stages and are sure to add to the dynamic of the Hill Country Cichlid Club. Recently merchants have begun to recognize the strength of our organization and have been kind enough to offer discounts to the HCCC membership. We hope to grow on this positive relationship with area vendors.

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The complete list of committee chairs, committee members, and the Leadership group is available in the members only section of our website along with a current financial statement.