November 4-6, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas

Each year the annual Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) convention rotates between member clubs. In 2011, the Hill Country Cichlid Club will be hosting the event November 4th - 6th, 2011, in San Antonio TX. Both FOTAS and many of its member clubs are actively involved in species survival and conservation efforts. With this theme in mind, FOTAS CARES promises to be an outstanding experience. An incredible speaker lineup includes Paul V. Loiselle, Kathy England, Ad Konings, Anton Lamboj, Les Kaufman, Charles Jones and Melanie Stiassny. With lectures, displays, vendors, and a large show and auction this will be THE event in 2011. The Babes in the Cichlid Hobby will be in attendance along with many other surprises. Great food, good people and lots of fish, join us for FOTAS CARES 2011.